Governor Brian Kemp named me Insurance & Safety Fire Commissioner in 2019, and the people of Georgia gave me a full term in 2022.

From day one, my focus has been on cleaning up Georgia’s insurance industry, advocating for consumers and families, and holding the powerful accountable.

While all of my issues may not be “red meat,” each of them have an impact on lives across the state.

Recovering Taxpayer Money

When big insurance companies short working families on the value of a car, refuse to provide enough to fix a home, or deny needed surgery — we’re there.

Since I took office, my team has recovered more than $50 million for Georgia taxpayers.

Holding The Powerful Accountable

For too long, powerful insurance companies ran amok in Georgia. Not anymore. Early on in my term, we leveled the largest fine against a provider in Georgia’s history.

And when Farmers Insurance tried to break the law by refusing to renew homeowners insurance for tens of thousands of Georgians, we stepped in and ordered them to reverse course.

Closing Loopholes

When I took office, I was shocked to learn about a loophole in Georgia law that let auto insurance companies raise rates with no input or oversight from the Department of Insurance.

When I ran for a full term, I promised we’d close that loophole. And that’s exactly what we did.

Strengthening Local Partnerships

We’ve worked hard to reduce the number of fire-related injuries and deaths and Georgia.

We’ve strengthened our partnerships with local law enforcement officers and first responders, and we’ve tripled the number of arson K-9 units across the state.

Holding Fraudsters Accountable

I spent my career in law enforcement tackling corruption and keeping communities safe. As Insurance Commissioner, I’m protecting consumers from fraudsters and scam artists.

There In Times Of Need

When disaster strikes, our team is there to make sure you’re protected from scammers, and to ensure you have what you need to deal with your insurance provider.

Our agents have helped families pick up the pieces throughout Georgia, most recently by setting up a claims village in Valdosta following Hurricane Idalia.